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IGMA 2022 Virtual Conference December 9, 10, and 11, 2022

Given the outstanding success of IGMA’s second annual conference which was held in December of 2021, IGMA is poised to host our 3rd annual conference, Back to the Future; Where we’ve been and where we’re going in medical education’s most effective patient empowerment model.   

This year, the Conference Committee, Chaired by Molly Callahan, is hosting another 3 day event with a focus on the voice of GTAs/MUTAs and FTAs active in the field.  The conference this year will be an outstanding event.

We have important presentations from GTAs and MUTAs working in the field. As we did last year, we have two keynote speakers, Dr. Kelly Underman will be discussing her book, “Feeling Medicine” and the research she did to put such an exceptional read together. Dr. Lauren Mitchell, founder of The Doula Project, the United States’ first formalized full-spectrum doula program, and author of the book The Doulas: Radical Care for Pregnant People (Feminist Press 2016), will be speaking on the necessity of building trust in the patient/provider relationship in a post-pandemic and ever changing medical world.

We have featured presentations by Doug Ferkol and Sarah Campbell Bligh from Dalhousie University with their much sought after presentation on moving to gender inclusive language in the sensitive exam process. Our other featured presenter is Kate Bishop from Chase Brexton Health Care doing a workshop on “Teaching the Queer Body.” Kate is a seasoned presenter and trainer serving LGBTQ populations.

Our other esteemed presenters include the founders of this work in our Pioneer Panel on Sunday morning. The women who were instrumental in creating the foundation upon which our methodology is built: Sarah Grusky, Josie Hasle, Lisa Quackenbush, Liz Ohle, Judi Marraccini and Robin Burdulis are all participating. Allison Denman, the current Clinical Director of the Philadelphia Sexual Assault Response Center will be presenting on the value of GTA MUTA integration in SANE training. And, Regina Reed, GTA and SP from the DC Metro area will be presenting on GTAs advocating for social and policy change. We will have trivia nights, roundtables, networking events and raffles so join us. Early bird registration starts soon! Look for newsletters on the event in your inboxes! 

We will be sending regular updates on conference content so check your email for updates. The 2022 Conference needs sponsors. We are looking for monetary donations as well as auction items that can be raffled off during our conference to raise money to fund the event and other necessary tasks of the organization. Please reach out to us about being a much needed sponsor of our 2022 conference. You can email or Sponsors receive time at the conference to speak about their product or business, a page in our program book and your logo on ALL conference materials and marketing events. Please consider supporting the only organization dedicated to GTA MUTA methodology.

Remember this is YOUR organization.  IGMA is the ONLY organization dedicated to GTA MUTA methodology and your help is needed.  Currently, there is a Secretary position open on the Board of Directors.  The meetings are once a month.  The conference, membership, and SoBP committees are looking for members to assist.  The current tasks are monumental for just two or three people.  If you are interested in trans health, Erik Simon, the trans health committee Chair is conducting innovative work in the field.  IGMA also needs people skilled in statistics to assist with scholarly research; people skilled in marketing and fundraising.  If you are talented in these areas or have a passion of your own, please consider offering an hour out of your busy schedule each month to make magic happen within this organization, and please consider joining the organization.  Email for more information. 

As always, the Board of the International GTA MUTA Association thanks each and every one of you for the exceptional work you are doing in the field. 

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