2nd Annual Virtual Conference

IGMA President Isle Polonko’s farewell address

Thank you all for your support, your attendance at this truly exceptional conference and for the amazing work you do in the field. 

So, as this, IGMA’s 2021 conference on Global Trends in GTA MUTA Education, Past, Present and Future, comes to a close, I want to share once again how proud I am to be a part of an organization that contributes so much to the improvement of health care for patients.  The techniques we teach have implications far behind clinical exam technique and reach every aspect of medical student training.  It is the old adage of a pebble tossed into a body of water, whose ripples reach further and further out from that center point to create literal change in that body of water.  Only the change WE create lasts an entire lifetime.  We are doing it… together, as a group, as an organization, as colleagues, as friends. 

I want to once again before we conclude, thank our sponsors, Clinical Skills USA, Ceek Women’s Health, WeSolvIt, Crisis Services of North Alabama, Clinical Practice Resources and Bob Taschler.  I want to honor our speakers and presenters who took time out of their busy schedules to spend time with us making this conference an exceptional event:  Liana Hill, Gail Swafford, Kristie McVicker, Lisa Staubly, Sarah Cowie Miller, Cynthia Granville, Jennifer Lanier, Maggie Tumiotto Jackson, Dr. Olov Grankvist, Erin Pollitt, Sarah Bristol, Dr. Jaideep Talwalker, Dr. Shefali Pathy, Dr. Kellie Bryant, Bex MacFife, and Dr. Lee Ann Miller. 

I want to thank our Board and Committee Chairs, Scott George, Samm Maloney, Bob Robledo, Erik Simon, Dr. Lee Ann Miller.  And of course, I want to highlight the heroic efforts made by our wonderful Conference Committee.. Our Chair Gabby Acquaviva, members Arline Bloom and Sarah Cowie Miller and our committee last minute helpers, Kami Britt-Pogue and Bob Taschler.

I leave you all with these thoughts…. What are you passionate about?  What are your special skills?  Are you a good writer?  Are you good with social media?  Recruitment? Fundraising? Statistics?  Where do you shine?  This organization is growing.  We have international programs that need our help.  We have programs here that are expanding that need to know how.  I ask if you can afford one to two hours of your time each month… It’s 15 to 30 minutes a week. That’s all…To head up or join in a committee.  As IGMA expands, we need more help.. more members and 1 day a month of your time.  Can you do that to support an organization that works hard to ensure the future of health care continues to be patient centered through the support we are providing to our members and the community at large?  Each and every one of us makes a difference… let’s do this!  Together… as a group, as an organization, as colleagues, as friends. Until next time… In gratitude and deep appreciation,  I bid you all good night.  Have a lovely holiday season whatever you celebrate.  Stay safe.   

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