IGMA 2023 Virtual Conference

Pushing Boundaries; Expanding Empowerment Beyond the Well Patient Here, There and Everywhere - December 1, 2 and 3

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! This is an event you will not want to miss. The IGMA Conference Committee has completed review of all submitted abstracts and is very excited about the outstanding conference being put together this year. This will be an extraordinary event! We have speakers from Sierra Leone, Sweden, Brazil, Rwanda, the UK and Canada. We have several of the Pioneers coming back this year to present on self pelvic training as the earliest beginnings of the methodology. And, we have exceptional presentations that push the boundaries of well patient into pediatric training for Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, comprehensive training for SANE that includes law enforcement, transgender presentations, as well as presentations about pelvic pain and other medical conditions and a presentation from a medical student about GTA training; A truly impressive lineup for an extraordinary 3 day event!

The Conference Committee is chaired by Molly Callahan and the theme this year is to focus on the ways we are all bringing patient empowerment models to areas of medicine beyond just the well patient. Molly and Committee members, Sarah Miller, Bob Taschler and Isle Polonko have worked tirelessly to be able to bring you this content that we feel exceeds the goals of our conference theme.

Early bird registration will be opening soon. The early bird rates are significantly discounted so register early. We do not have concurrent programs running so you will be able to attend all presentations. Continuing education hours will be offered again. Come hear what is happening in the world of GTA/MUTA here, there and everywhere and come be a part of the voice of this organization and the work we are doing making health care more patient focused and compassionate, one GTA or MUTA session at a time.

Remember this is YOUR organization. IGMA is the ONLY organization dedicated to GTA MUTA methodology and your help is needed. Meetings are once a month. The conference, membership, social media and SoBP committees are looking for members to assist. The current tasks are monumental for just two or three people. If you are interested in trans health, Erik Simon, the trans health committee Chair is conducting innovative work in the field. IGMA also needs people skilled in statistics to assist with scholarly research; people skilled in marketing and fundraising. If you are talented in these areas or have a passion of your own, please consider offering an hour out of your busy schedule each month to make magic happen within this organization, and please consider joining the organization. Email for more information.

As always, the Board of the International GTA MUTA Association thanks each and every one of you for the exceptional work you are doing in the field.

Tentative Schedule

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